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Is there an age limit? i know it's a mature RP, but you never mentioned an age limit.

Age limit, dearie? You can be however old you are and if you write well, we will accept you. We’d prefer players to be 16 and above. :)

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Brittany Pierce accepted! 

Welcome to the group, Alyx! It was a lovely audition. Please send in your account within 24 hours! :)

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The role of Finn Hudson…  

…has been inactive for three days (or more). Please be active within the next 24 hours or the role will be opened.

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I'm interested in Puck. What's happened in his storyline so far or would I just be able to start him over?

There’s been a few things that happened to Puck which involves other characters. We’re not wiping his slate clean because it’ll affect the plots in play currently. But if there’re points you’d like to change, we’re flexible to a certain degree. This is what we would like to keep in his storyline, I do believe.

  • He kissed Blaine a while back.
  • Found out that Blaine is fake dating Quinn.
  • Blaine admitted to Puck that he is gay. 
  • And I’m not too sure of the specifics of the plot he has with Blaine but I do believe our Blaine would like to continue with it. I think it involves Blaine agreeing to date Puck. (You are welcome to message our Blaine for details.)

Hi! Nikki (Blaine) here I just want to add onto what was said

  • He and Blaine dated for a about a week or so before Blaine had kind of a meltdown/gay freak out and ended it 
  • Blaine wants to stay friends with Puck but isn’t sure what’s going on after the break up thing.

I’m more than willing to change up the storyline but I want to keep some things there because otherwise it would mess up quite a bit of other things but if you want something else just message me and we can work it out! :)

Hello! We’ve got four open characters which we’d love auditions for. Rachel, Jake, Ryder and Puck. Come send them in!